How to date a quiet woman

Quiet women always appear as a standard of beauty and femininity. They are always tranquil, seem much smarter than reckless party girls, appreciate family hearth and look like a good wife material. But how to get closer to a quiet woman, especially if you are not the calmest type of a person. What to do in order not to scare her off? Here are some tips and tricks on how to date a quiet woman.

Romantic relationships with a woman who is more on a calmer side require more effort as it is easy to ruin your relationships by your noisiness and insistence. Here are some simple strategies that will help you learn how to behave in front of a quiet woman:

  1. Establish her personality type. You will need to know what you are working with. Personality types rely on different factors, including nationality. For example, Russian women brides are spicier while Scandinavians tend to be calmer. Knowing her type will help you immensely in sorting out some problems. You may read some more detailed information here: .
  2. Establish good connection. Shy and quiet people tend to think that they are simply not worthy to shine, while you’ll have to prove the opposite. That is why it can be quite difficult to win appreciation of a quiet and serene person. Additionally, introverted people will never tell you want is going on inside, in their minds. You will have to guess HOW and WHEN you hurt them, because loud scandals and long quarrels are just not their cup of tea. Make sure the person you are intended to date feels rather comfortable and relaxed, and then try to develop relationships between you.
  3. Try to determine her quietness. Is this girl reserved verbally or physically? It is easy to understand, based on a few dates. Does she feel shy or silent while you are talking? There might be a few reasons, including her having social anxiety, general shyness, or she can find you rather stupid or unnecessary to communicate with. Does she resist when you touch her? There can be nothing sexual, even a simple hug can scare her away? She can simply be haphephobic. If you have no idea what is this, read this article: . Also, you might have come to a second base too soon, or a girl might have strict upbringing. Be patient and respectful.
  4. Choose a quiet place for a date. Places that have capacitive crowds, such as parties and fairs are a bad choice. Most men have a mistake when they want to take a girl out of her comfort zone, that is why they make women anxious and worsen the date. This can make your date close up and refuse to talk to you freely. The best place is a lounge zone, a beautiful forest where you can be alone, or just invite her to your place where you can just talk like old friends or soul mates. A quiet girl should trust you before you move any further.
  5. Try to touch upon pleasant topics. Don’t start off something controversial. You want to move smoothly, without excessive fuss. Your date should feel relaxed and ready to open up. Ask her about hobbies and plans, be as friendly and timid as possible. Don’t yell or overreact, that will impress party people, not the girl this article is dedicated to.