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Mission Statement

Queensland Angelman Association is an unincorporated group of parents and carers focused on providing support and information to Queensland families who have been touched by Angelman Syndrome. 

Through our experiences we have discovered the comfort in being surrounded by a loving and compassionate   Angelman Syndrome community.  For whatever challenges that may be faced during this journey, there will be others to support and provide advice instant payday loans online in USA.   It is our goal to open a channel of communication between Queensland families.

We believe that information is power.  It is important that our Angelman Syndrome families are provided the most up to date information on   research, studies and the achievements of our angels around the world.

Our support also includes identifying up to date therapies, education and respite services which are available to our Queensland families.  Early intervention therapies and education are tantamount to our children's future skills.  Information regarding respite services   are available for Angelman families and are extremely important to ensure a happy family balance.



Proudly affiliated with the Angelman Syndrome Association Australia and the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia


Information provided on this website has been identified and written by Angelman Syndrome families and is provided for information only. Although every effort will be made, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Please contact all relevant service providers for information about services they may be able to provide before making any important decisions. Information provided does not constitute medical advice.  We encourage you to seek professional medical assistance for any health issues your angel may have.